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Pregnancy outcome was obtained in all cases, including 221 male-bearing and 183 female-bearing pregnancies.

NIPD for fetal sex determination in maternal plasma is highly accurate and clinically applicable if robust reporting criteria are applied.

On Christmas, I flew to Prague to spend the holidays with a beautiful and hilarious Estonian girl I had never met—not in person, anyway. On New Year’s, her Russian friends cooked dinner, and we all went out to watch the fireworks on the Charles Bridge. A month earlier, the Estonian girl and I had matched on the dating app, as I was about to board a train for Paris.

We talked over the next few weeks and decided on a crazy first date. I realize that one person’s experience doesn’t sum up anything, that even the most colorful anecdotes can’t really rebuff the myth that has crept into the American consciousness: that Tinder—that app wherein users swipe right to choose (or swipe left to reject) potential mates—is a wretched realm for shallow sex addicts, ruining not just monogamy but dating itself.

On both of those sites, women had to sift through dozens of boring or creepy messages to find anything worth responding to, and guys copied and pasted hundreds of boring or creepy messages because they grew so accustomed to being ignored that there was no point in spending time crafting the perfect message to the perfect girl.

Tinder works better than anything else because you can’t message anyone unless they pick you too; that’s why it’s popular.

"Did you see her try to fight back, use her hands in any way?

," Assistant District Attorney Steve Spencer asked. Spencer cross-examined Harper this morning because he wants to disqualify one of the three defense attorneys involved in the case. Steve Williams, one of Sanders' partners, represents Haynes.Harper, who said he was about 6 feet away from the bed, was the only person in the room that morning except for the defendants and the victim.He testified today that the woman engaged in the sexual acts under her own volition.A diagnostic algorithm was designed using a combination of these three markers.Fetal gender determined by noninvasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) was compared with that diagnosed by quantitative fluorescent PCR after invasive testing or ultrasound.This argument reared its head again of late in a piece in s September issue, “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” Most of the story is based on man-on-the-street-style interviews that presume most people use Tinder for sex and then confirm most people use Tinder for sex via interviews with people who use Tinder for sex.