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He batted and threw left-handed and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986.One of the most intimidating power hitters of his era, Mc Covey was called "the scariest hitter in baseball" by pitcher Bob Gibson, an assessment with which Reggie Jackson concurred.

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But until the late 1950s, this was a fairly standard arrangement for pro athletes.While football players and boxers could be found working the vaudeville circuit, it was most common to see baseball players sharing a stage with slapstick-comedy duos and human curiosities.As he struggles to return from reconstructive knee surgery, Harrison still strikes fear into the hearts of pass-catchers because of his penchant for vicious hits.If he can catch them, he'll do his best to take them out.In the days before television and radio, two forces in entertainment dominated much of America’s free time: baseball and vaudeville.

But the late 19th and early 20th century pastimes were nowhere near as lucrative and glamorous as their modern-day equivalents: Both athletes and vaudevillians endured long hours, grueling travel, poor accommodations, and often didn’t have much money to show for it all.

which looked at some of the masters of mental training for baseball.

The show featured guys like Randy Johnson, Rickey Henderson, Frank Thomas, Albert Pujols, Dave Winfield, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Al Hrabosky and Hank Aaron.

Since baseball players only committed to playing part of the year, many had to find ways to supplement their income.

For some—given that they were among the most popular public figures at the time—the natural choice was to capitalize on that fame and join the vaudeville circuit.

Affectionately known as Full Throttle, Short is so recklessly aggressive on kick coverage that offensive and defensive players alike stop to behold his violent collisions.