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I live in Boston alone,with a free job as an editor for a magazine.I need to go out for searching and writting down the things I saw and heard and which is also my job. It’s supported by reams of sociological research.’ A man who finds it unattractive when a woman is successful is not a man you want to be with. ‘Overly cheery/peppy/upbeat – not in an “immediately annoying” way, but if it were my actual personality I could see it wearing on people.’ We can’t all be miserable. ‘Too much perfume.’ We didn’t spend £100 on this bottle for people not to smell it. ‘I get tired of the female hard body kick ass leather boots and jacket TV shows. ‘Personally I don’t like nail polish, I’m OK with any colour EXCEPT red.’ Thank god you said, we were about to go all out rouge on our toes – crisis averted. User Liquiditi was one of the only people talking sense in the thread, saying: ‘Honestly this type of thread is kind of pointless isn’t it?

Just as in executive suite you have “people” searching out the best talent, the most savvy executives have a qualified matchmaker with databases and resources to find you a match that is attractive, meshes with your personality, and fits in your lifestyle.

We ask the hard questions for you up front and place clients in contact with only the closest matches to their specific preferences. If you were to search online you’d spend 15 times more time online before you ever went out on a date.

In fact, the larger the city, the more time it can take to search for your perfect match. Less than 5% of all couples met online (according to Pew Research).

It can be done, but you have to devote time and know some do’s and don’ts to be successful. When you have a fast paced lifestyle and work seems to take up a majority of time, would you like to have a completely confidential search team out doing the vetting for you.

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Luckily, the comments only represent the views of a handful of the male species on the world wide web, and not the hopefully less misogynistic versions we all know and love.

I much prefer the flowery dresses from the past.’ We’ll get back in the kitchen, shall we? Everyone has different tastes so things girls do will make them attractive to some men and not to others.’ Hear, hear.

When a busy successful single wants to be dating in New York, Dallas, or any major city, it can be challenging to carve out time to find people to date.

Though there is an abundance of people in these cities, that doesn’t mean finding love is any easier than in smaller cities and towns.

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