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Below are the most basic guidelines you should follow when calling a phone chat service: Never give out your personal phone number when talking on a chat line.

Anyone with additional Delta Line materials should scan them and email them to us! She merely said, "they were sold." Well, we checked around and found them out there in cyberspace. We know the Moore-Mack ships and the Delta ships (Del Sud, Del Norte, and Del Mar) were the source of many EA gatherings, parties, despedidas, and homeward bound adventures. Delta Line stories are very welcome, too (the Stirlings returned to New Orleans on the Del Mar in 1965).

Sadly, when we last saw Virginia at EA in 1987 at the 50th Anniversary (see reunion photos), she couldn't tell us anything about the current whereabouts of the SS Brasil and the S. Once I locate the Delta Line ships, I'll create another page.

Board the ship, unpack and sail off to new destinations without the headache of changing hotels.

If you’re a first time cruiser or have never sailed with Royal Caribbean, there are countless little known Royal Caribbean cruise line secrets to help you make the most out of your next cruise.

Before booking your cruise, choose the best destination and ship for your family. Cruise Critic is an awesome resource for searching the latest ships, ports and destinations.

Are you looking to hit the beach on a Caribbean island? What places are you most interesting in seeing and plan your trip accordingly. You can also get to know people you meet through the site by attending the Meet & Mingle with other Cruise Critic users. Royal Caribbean requires you to check-in no later than 3 days prior to sailing.If someone hangs up on the call, never call them back from your own phone number, since many phones have caller ID.When you are talking to people on a chat line, take the time to listen to others instead of talking about yourself.When calling your local phone chat lines, remember that not everyone has good intentions.If you are responsible, you have nothing to fear, however if you fail to keep these basic safety rules you might end up in danger. Enchanted Isle, last known to be laid up in Violet, Louisiana, courtesy of Ginger Quering Casey and Bill Vinson, who put together this very nice tribute to the ship! Help preserve a bit of the history of these fine ships!