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It identifies some Afghan citizens not as human beings but as slaves." The law was approved after some debate and revisions, but Afghan human rights activists who reviewed the legislation in advance said most of their objections were ignored.US-style sex scandals and exposes of shady dealings have characterised social media coverage of this week's presidential elections in Afghanistan, the third since the Taliban was ousted from power in 2001.

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The investigation also seeks to determine what legal authorities American troops have on bases in Afghanistan to intervene or to use force if they witness or are informed of sexual abuse of a child, Moorefield wrote.

Sexual abuse of children, especially young boys — commonly called “bacha bazi” or “boy play’ — has long been an open secret in Afghanistan and documented in film and videos as the subject of “dancing boys.” Last summer, the issue was propelled into American headlines when Army Sgt. troops publicly claimed there was an unofficial policy to ignore the abuse.

Campbell told lawmakers he was unaware of any reports from American troops of child sex abuse among the Afghan ranks.

Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, from Massachusetts, has been ordered to leave the US army by November 1 and has now been refused leave to appeal.

a eunuch."Rassoul did not flinch and replied that, if he had a family, he would have spent half of his time with them, and only half his time on the job - but as he was unmarried, he could channel his efforts towards his job. Social media has been equally brutal in its treatment of presidential candidate and former foreign minister, Abdullah Abdullah.

servicemen in Afghanistan were instructed not to report the widespread abuse of boys by commanders in the Afghan police and allied militias could call into question the legality — and strategic wisdom — of U. military assistance to the country, legal experts say.

While the local press have largely stayed away from airing candidates' "dirty laundry", access to social media has provided voters with alternative, more entertaining Rumour-mongering and propaganda are nothing new in Afghan political culture.

Historians recount how, in 1928, British agents disguised as Pashtun tribesmen spread malicious rumours against King Amanullah and If it is hard to belittle the impact of hearsay and slander in Afghan political culture, what is unprecedented is the extent to which the scandals are published via social media, without fear of recrimination.

It comes after the 33-year-old and another soldier shoved a local commander, whom he had trained, accused of raping a 12-year-old Afghan boy. The Afghan commander was also said to have attacked the boy’s mother when she said she was going to report the attack in war-torn Kunduz Province, where the soldiers were deployed in 2011.

But Sergeant Martland was reprimanded by a senior officer for “flagrant departure from professionalism and even-tempered leadership” and axed.

Yet, in spite of these bonafides, the buzz on social media has focused on Rassoul's marital status and whether this, in some way, contravenes the Prophet Mohammad's recommendation that his followers should get married.