Android digital clock widget not updating

Not only are they functional, most of the widgets you can find nowadays look pretty awesome.

Whether you know about this or not, chances are the widget-selection process is going to take some time. Starting with clocks and calendar widgets, we are going to run by you beautiful and practical widgets that should find a home in your homescreen. A thorough calendar widget with customizations that you actually need, such as scrollable widget, show tasks from third-party apps, multiple skins, complex agenda and (of course) it syncs perfectly with Google calendar.

Any idea what would cause ALL of my homescreen widgets to stop updating i.e. I'm completely stock & un-rooted, and when this issue first came up I did a factory reset but the problem still comes up out of nowhere.

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I had tried several different ones and after a period of time, the widget would stop updating or responding to the manual update input from touching the widget.I could delete the widget from the screen and then readd it back, however, this did not resolve the issue. Here is our updated clock widget pack (as of April 2015) and we have considered both simplicity and beauty, as well as the extent of customization options to update our best Android Clock Widgets list.So, let’s get started Unique Widgets is known for its customization options and the exclusive analog and digital clocks designs can easily make your home screen unique.It’s time for another Android clock widget with a minimal design.

The Minimalist Clock Widget offers 20 styles and after selecting your favorite style, you can change the background color, text effect, widget effect, text color and more.Here are the widgets I use: Fancy Widget Switch Pro Android Pro Widgets Batt Statt Pro I've been using these same widgets for at least three years, and over three different devices, and this has never been a problem, which makes me think it's something weird with Kit Kat.At this point I'm removing widgets one by one to see if I can narrow it down, but it is so f-ing frustrating because everything will be fine for a day or two and then WHAM all of my homescreen widgets just lock up and the only way to get them to update again is to reboot the device which is a pain in my ass.Widgets are an iconic feature of the Android operating system.They can be use to dress up your stock Android device home screen turning your device unique and personalized for your use.It's worth mentioning that even after all the widgets freeze the stock 'Weather' widget still works fine... Thanks, I'll give it a try to see if I still have the issue. From then on I've stayed with whatever launcher came stock on the device.