Are stephanie and chris from sons of guns dating

Stephanie, who also starred in the recently cancelled Discovery reality show Sons Of Guns, is reportedly set to provide information to law enforcement in the coming days to aid in her father’s prosecution.

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So with us putting it all on the internet, basically they just found us. You have to shoot like 6 inches lower than you think you’re supposed to, which was kinda crazy. I actually pulled in like five or six pretty big fish. Back to the Medal of Honor episode, that was a particularly intense one even for the audience.

They came across a You Tube video one day of dad shooting a machine gun in some bunny slippers and some pajama pants and they just thought it was hilarious. Watching your dad overcome his fear of fire that was induced by his childhood trauma was very emotional.

She was only five years old when her father began teaching her to use a gun.

Her father and costar, Will Hayden, was charged with child abuse in 2014.

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Not long after, she and her husband were charged as well.

All of this resulted in the cancellation of Sons of Guns. Kris has served as the production manager of Red Jacket Firearms. She was a Discovery channel reality star similar to Alaskan Bush People's Rain Brown.

Did you ever watched Discovery Channel hit reality “Sons of Guns?

” if so, then you must be familiar with the names Will Hayden and his daughter’s Stephanie Hayden; if not, then you must know them by the recent scandal father- daughter are starring in.

Phil last week in Los Angeles she fell unconscious into her husband’s arms as she walked away from the interview.