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I am now re I am a Writer, Traveler and a Spiritual Healer.I am an ecologist and conserve and protect all life forms.Here is a brief description illustrating some common traits.

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Although we cannot provide exact numbers, the estimated age of a newly wed couple is 25 for the woman, 28-30 for the man.

This age increases among individuals who pursue higher education.

As in any given group of people you will find many Armenian families to whom the results of these findings do not apply.rmenians of the diaspora have enjoyed long term contact with Middle Eastern cultures; the family life is greatly influenced by regional traditions.

Armenians that have migrated outside of the area over the past 2-3 decades have also integrated Western culture features into their family life.

“Above all else I will love my fatherland,” we chanted in Armenian.

My father would admonish me: “You must marry your own kind, have children and teach them your mother tongue.” He’d said there weren’t many of us left.Life is good when you dont possess anything material.Would love to meet intelligent and beautiful women across the world and they reach me -hi Life has many grades and levels which can provide its essence.There are many fish in the sea, and the one you catch that may be the best for you may not necessarily be Armenian.Think of it long-term, what kind of wife are you looking for?Response by Rostom - through [email protected] Age: 23 Birthplace: San Francisco Family upbringing: Armenian Races Dated: Been out with Armenians and non-Armenians Serious relationships? It also gives both of us something in common, in terms of language and Church traditions.