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“We’ve not had anything like this happen here before,” Kranebitter told AFP.

Both routes also give you the chance to visit Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze (2962m), which sits on the border with Germany and neighbours the village of Ehrwald, your start and end point.

A mix of mountain huts and comfortable hotels, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

The scope and access of the routes are maximised by using lifts, buses and trains during the week.

We provide airport transfers to Ehrwald from Munich airport if arriving on either a Thursday or Saturday, otherwise you are free to arrive as you wish, perhaps taking advantage of the rail line to Ehrwald’s village train station.

According to Austrian intelligence, this form of cybercrime is on the rise across Europe, a phenomena Wayne May, founder of the UK website and support group Scam Survivors which aims to track down scammers as well as offering advice to victims, is familiar with.

May says that the number of people in the UK contacting his website has “exploded” with around 5,000 cases being handled in total in the past three years.Some of the huts along the routes are Alms; working farms that sit high in the mountains and graze their own animals and produce wonderful food.You will drop in and out of picturesque Tirolean villages and pass stunning alpine lakes.In most cases the woman is naked and persuades the man to undress and perform a sex act.The victim is then told to pay a sum of money or risk having the footage distributed online.Experts and police are warning that so-called “sextortion” scams, whereby a scammer will dupe a victim into stripping and performing sex acts online before demanding a sum of money or threatening to release the footage, are increasing across Europe.