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If you use any other language the code will be roughly the same with some syntax differences thrown in.

Every now and then I see a web site that has an old copyright date.

Therefore, if the claim is based on common law copyright (not formally registered), then the date should be the date of first publication.If the claim is a registered copyright, then the date should be the date claimed in the registration.It’s your job to update the copyright notice but this is the year you finally realize that simply displaying the current year isn’t enough.You need to show the year the site was created up to the current year (e.g. On top of that, you’ve got a mix of static HTML and dynamic PHP pages.…Yes, it’s true that registering your copyright helps a lot if you want to actually be able to legally defend your copyright.

This book provides both Java Script and PHP methods of automatically updating the year in your copyright lines. In my mind, I always think "Look at the sucker who forgot to update his copyright year!" Then, while I was hard-coding a copyright year into the site I'm currently designing, it suddenly struck me: How the hell am I going to remember to update this?Due to time constraints, I can only take questions these days during the times that my show is on the air live.You can call with your question anytime 24/7 at 1-800-39-ONLINE (1-800-396-6546) or 1-888-488-DAVID (1-888-488-3284), even if the show is not on the air.As well as writing code I love to teach; I run a number of workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions on Angular JS and Umbraco, and share what I know and learn here!