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The apparent rise of rape on campus is more recent and more disconcerting.

20: Dog fights, privacy and Let's Go Crazy Monday, September 29, 2008: The 40 Year Old Boy's Mike Schmidt, Ray Everett-Church of Privacy and the EFF's Corynne Mc Sherry, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of's The David Lawrence Show for a Monday.20: Steamstreet, Movable Type and Go To My PC Saturday, September 27, 2008: Everything tech: your calls, comments, instant messages and emails about technology and pop's Online Tonight with David Lawrence for a Saturday.The script, according to this ritual, is: First you fuck, then (perhaps) you date.Or, more likely, you just continue to hook up, creating a long-term relationship — minus feelings, theoretically — out of a series of one-night stands.Since our website is synchronized with the USPTO data, we recommend making any data changes with the USPTO directly.

Our website will auto-update when the USPTO data is updated.Please check if the issue you have has already been reported below.If you have a new issue please advise us and we will attempt to provide an update patch within 24hours.We've been blogging our shows, archiving the audio and show notes for each show, every night, since 2002 with Movable Type.Here are links to the monthly archive of September 2008, listed by day.The BACKWARDS DATING trademark is filed in the category of Personal & Legal & Social Services .