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But if he hurts you I promise I’ll kill him for you”Yugyeom: -Mark.The two of you were very ooey gooey with eachother always smiling, giggling, or kissing.

GOT7’s Bambam, whose real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul, has found himself at the center of yet another romance rumor.The 19-year-old K-pop idol is being romantically linked to TWICE member Mina.she would still be rather girly in her looks with very natural looking makeup. she would support him when he’s lonely and gets into his distant moments.she would also be the one making sure he’s not eating junk food all the time, and staying up late dancing with yugyeom in their room.he would come out with super cheesy lines that basically confess his feelings but then play it off as a joke and in his mind he would think he was being super cool.

when it comes to other guys thats when he would become quiet, and observe the interaction, seeing if he can figure out anything that they do that you might like. You and Youngjae had been dating since before debut so he’s grown used to it.When you would eat over Youngjae would try to feed you something with chopsticks but he dropped it on your white pants instead getting sauce all over them- “smooth man those were expensive pants”Mark: -Bam Bam. Jinyoung would look around before he would lean down and kiss you mainly because Jackson’s main goal was to embarrass his slightly older sister.Ten bucks says he is just a hurt Mina stan who fantasy was shattered and in order to get revenge he made this shitty article that isn't even worth being publish.indeed op follow female idols is tiring sometimes, most likely because history repeat itself in front of our eyes ....However, JYP denied rumors that Bam Bam and Mina are dating, claiming that the two are just friends and nothing more.