Be2 online dating complaints

Conclusion: We find be2 to be an excellent service!The site attracts fun and interesting singles who are looking for a meaningful relationship.

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Really, we’re not even in the online dating website development business (we only review them), but after using, we imagine that we could build a better adult singles platform in our sleep, in just a few days. Admittedly, we’ve just sprayed a bunch of fire over this forum before even giving out the facts about how poorly performed.Our readers might not even think we have those facts!Users are presented with a list of potential partners.Some minor changes could be made to improve usability but the service still remains very good.In our opinion, Be2is definitely one of the worst websites that we had the displesure of reviewing.

We have reviewed a lot of online dating websites throughout our time spent reviewing various adult hookup websites throughout the internet, we we have since acquired a pretty good mental method of distinguishing between the good platforms and the bad ones. We have seen some mediocre sites before, but Be2 takes that term to a whole new level.The profiles themselves consist of two separate parts – there’s the part that you fill in yourself and then there’s also the personality test report outlining your main characteristics.As a lot of dating sites do personality tests these days we have a fair amount of experience in taking them.You can perform a standard search and then see the results in the order of so-called be2 index, which basically is the compatibility between you and the user.You can check the compatibility report to see how well you compare in important areas, what are your similarities and differences and how to make them work for you in the best way.To our major surprise and disappointment, these two ladies did not even show up on the date, nor did they call or text us to cancel.