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I just realized something that I had previously forgotten...

Google seems to preffer my old domain over the current one - I bet it is due to the ending.

The information about things like that can be found in the Home panel of the menu.

Hey everyone - if new or old...welcome to the new version of this site!

I have just noticed a lot of server-side problems, and my guess turned out to be correct; the old database, which was getting more and more crowded by bots was putting pressure on the server.

It has been taken offline (with a proud size of 200MB! A copy of all character pictures can be found here: changes are upcoming, stay tuned and follow me on twitter!

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We investigated the bisexual behaviour of MSM in China through systematic review and meta-analysis.

We conducted a systematic review and meta-analyses on published peer-reviewed Chinese and English literature during 2001-2010 according to the PRISMA guidelines.

So I have decided to give y'all a chance to peer around and throw suggestions at me whilst I am coding the new site. You can also try a new search and other variations or names that are close to the current one, and suggest them to me!