Bipolar adult chat

Other major causes of mood swings (besides bi-polar disorder and major depression) include diseases/disorders which interfere with nervous system function.

You can stabilize your moods, stop the addiction and live the life you dream about. Our helpline is open 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

Bipolar disorder was formerly known as manic-depressive illness.

Pediatric bipolar disorder, or better known as manic depression, is an illness that may present as a mood swings or mood cycling.

Clients who are suffering from pediatric type one are apt to have episodes of mania with alternating with episodes of melancholy.

Professional treatment can help you break free of overwhelming feelings and addiction.

If you have been struggling with extreme mood swings and you use alcohol and drugs to manage your symptoms, you need a treatment facility that can handle your mental health issues and your addiction.

Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol only worsens the mental health disorder and creates unexpected drug addiction or alcoholism problems.

The combination of a bipolar disorder with addiction is known as a dual diagnosis.

Clients with pediatric type two experience the thralls of depression with alternating episodes of mania.

Aspergers is linked to autism and is reported to be a mild form of the condition.

As a mainstream concept, the diagnosis had arrived.