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With only a high school degree I managed a corner market store.First of all, you need to know this is community it's built by tranny loves for tranny lovers. His giant upper body balanced delicately on tiny ankles and feet. DISSOLVE TO: TY COBB ROUNDS THIRD -- The most vicious ballplayer of them all, a balletic whirling dervish. PULLBACK REVEALS: A WALL COVERED WITH BASEBALL PICTURES behind a small table covered with objects and lit candles. Words flow from her Southern lips with ease, but her view of the world crosses Southern, National and International borders. ANNIE Besides, I'd never sleep with a player hitting under .250 unless he had a lot of R. (beat) Of course a guy will listen to anything if he thinks it's foreplay. We hear a woman's voice in a North Carolina accent. Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 55 | Tags: blow job cumming milf student shaving gagging tit fucking Helen goes on vacation and learns some new things Helen looked up at the time. "I can help you," she said to the next customer in line. The wooden floor squeaks, as it tends to do when Luke crosses over from hall to kitchen.

As much as she hated this job, she loved the paycheck as well as the room for advancement. He is a massive individual, tall as a doorway, with broad powerful shoulders.

(beat) There's never been a ballplayer slept with me who didn't have the best year of his career. ANNIE STARTS PACKING A HUGE HANDBAG -- With fruit, an official scorebook, binoculars, a radar gun, and lipstick. ANNIE I've tried them all -- I really have -- (beat) and the only church that truly feeds the soul -- day in, day out -- is the Church of Baseball. THE CHURCH -- DURHAM BASEBALL PARK -- DUSK Now visible In the late afternoon sun, a rickety old stadium carved into the center of an old Tobacco town. "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley fills the air. He is her employed errand runner, note sender, and friend. THE DURHAM BULL DUGOUT -- NIGHT As Max Patkin continues his routine, players warm up, and -- THE MANAGER, JOE RIGGINS, 45, known merely as SKIP, short for "Skipper", a chaw of tobacco in his cheek, stands with his pitching coach, LARRY HOCKETT late 30's, an ex-big leaguer whose body has seen too many cocktail lounges. The guy's professional debut and he forgets about it. A PLAYER, DEKE, 25, stuffs a hot dog into his mouth. THE DURHAM CLUBHOUSE -- NIGHT SKIP enters, shouting -- SKIP Ebby?!

She sits on a bench and ANNIE Which makes it like sex. (beat) While I don't believe a woman needs a man to be fulfilled, I do confess an interest in finding the ultimate guy -- he'd have that youthful exuberance but the veteran's sense of timing... ANNIE'S HOUSE -- DUSK A frame house with porch and lots of trees -- a Thomas Wolfe house... ANNIE LEAVES ON FOOT, turning onto the sidewalk of a bucolic, old Durham, North Carolina neighborhood. other people are heading the same direction ANNIE PULLS A DURHAM BULLS BASEBALL CAP from her handbag and pulls it on her head. ANNIE SITS DOWN IN HER PRIVATE BOX SEAT -- Her chair is wiped off by a young black boy, JACKSON, 11, who then sits next to her. we're gonna rock around the clock tonight CUT TO: EXT/INT. SKIP WHIRLS AND HEADS UP THE TUNNEL into the: CUT TO: INT. MILLIE You can't ban me from the ballpark 'cause Daddy donated the scoreboard and if you banned me he might take the scoreboard away. We haven't scored any runs all year (tough, to Ebby) Get your ass out there.

She chooses a pair of RED HIGH HEELS, with thin straps. (quickly rebounding) But bad trades are part of baseball -- who can forget Frank Robinson or Milt Pappas, for Godsakes! ANNIE STARTS FOR THE DOOR and grabs her baseball glove CUT TO: EXT. MILLIE LOOKS OUT FROM BEHIND A BAT RACK -- Outraged. Don't take it personal but if I catch you in here again you're banned from the ballpark.

ANNIE OPENS A CLOSET DOOR -- Dozens of shoes hang from the door. Jesus, Ebby, this is your professional debut tonight -- you know how many guys out there'd give blood to be in your shoes an' you're leavin' your fastball in the locker room for some piece of ass! SKIP Oh, Millie, jeez, sorry -- I didn't recognize ya.

And -- (beat) There are 108 stitches in a baseball. ANNIE SLIPS ON THE RED HIGH HEELS -- Smoothing her hands up her calves as she does. The guys are so sweet -- they always stay and listen. ANNIE POSES IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR -- She smoothes her dress along her hips. A comic pitcher's windup full of twists and goofy choreography. Larry examines it as they talk -- And shoves the giant chaw into his mouth. EBBY is a great looking energetic man-child with the endless confidence, naivete and horniness of youth. A YOUNG WOMAN, MILLIE, 20, half nude, is dressing quickly.