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The network has decided that just one show with Frankel isn't enough for them, and has decided to give her an all-new television show. Instead of spending her time getting into all kinds of drama, Frankel will be trying her hands at real estate.

And because everyone loves a crossover, she'll be teaming up with fellow Bravo star Fredrik Eklund to make it happen. The show will take fans inside their partnership as they work together to scout, buy, and design multi-million dollar properties.

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Because the show is airing in near real time, the audience will be able to interact with the cast and influence their decisions.

Using Bravo's TV participation platform, Play Live, viewers will have the ability to weigh in during episodes on everything from a couple's chemistry on a date to what the castmember chose to wear.

The show hopes to put a spotlight on their "fun-loving" dynamic as they take big risks on properties for big rewards.

Frankel is one of the stars of , in which Frankel hired Eklund to sell her old apartment for an amount of money that would make any regular person freak out.

The dating docuseries follows a group of New York young professionals while they search for love.