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Conventional wisdom (as well as some evolutionary psychology) has it that men don't like very powerful women, or much older women. Couric helping to blow the conventional wisdom out of the water ... The banker reportedly popped the question with a gorgeous diamond ring while the pair were vacationing in East Hampton, N. “It’s actually surprising to me that it has been almost 15 years and I haven’t remarried.“I think life is more fun when you have someone in your life,” she added.

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Red Sox sultan Tom Werner broke Katie Couric’s heart when he dumped her via e-mail - a blow the CBS anchorgal “never fully recovered from,” according to a new book.

“ Katie was upset that Tom didn’t have the nerve to break up with her in person - or even over the phone,” a “close source” told Edward Klein, the author of “ Katie: The Real Story.” “ It was embarrassing and humiliating for her.” Klein, who has written a series of sensational bios of prominent celebs including Hillary Clinton, the Kennedys and Jackie O.

Couric's first job was as a desk assistant at ABC, where she worked under anchorman Sam Donaldson, among others.

Shortly thereafter, she began working at the Washington bureau of the fledgling Cable News Network (CNN).

'When he called, he asked me if I wanted to be in a sailing competition with him. Then he asked me if I wanted to go surfing, and I'd never surfed. but it is complicated.'The couple are said to have continued to try to make it work, with a source telling the Post: 'Three months ago, Brooks was looking for a broker to find a new place to live.

I said, "listen Mr Outward Bound, how about something normal? A reporter for a supermarket tabloid checked into the room next door. “ To many of his friends, it looked as though he was setting the stage to marry Katie Couric,” the book says.“ While Katie was usually discreet she appeared to throw caution to the wind during her brief afternoon rendezvous,” Klein writes. Part of the intense mutual attraction, according to Klein, was Werner’s ability to help Katie advance her career, and for a long time the couple discussed possible projects they could do together - everything from an Oprah-like talk show to a sitcom starring Katie.For the next seven years, Couric worked at CNN bureaus around the country as a producer and, when she could, as an on-air reporter.In 1987, she returned to Washington and took a job as a reporter at an NBC affiliate station there.Since I'm something of a cradle-robber, I was delighted to find out (albeit four years late) that 54-year-old Katie Couric, the CBS news anchor, is dating a guy who is nearly 20 years her junior (and has been since early 2007). Couric and her beau, 36-year-old entrepreneur Brooks Perlin, spent some time at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach — and she looks pretty happy in the photos that are making the rounds online.