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Musically, however, their greatest accomplishment is the so-called "first deck" of Joker's Card LPs, a seven-album cycle that introduces, plunges the depths of and ultimately reveals the secret behind a mythical allegory called the Dark Carnival.

"The Dark Carnival is our religion," Violent J tells , a box set compiling the entire deck.

Little progress has been made in the two days of Richonne’s excursion — until the couple stumbles upon the remnants of a makeshift army camp on the grounds of a high school with an abandoned carnival behind it.

Both the soldiers and the civilians were a part of some massacre — from the looks of the bound walkers, the troops may have turned on those they were supposed to protect.

The bumper cars are controlled with the directional and jump keys, with the option to activate a speed boost using alternate fire.

Any player hit by another car will receive damage and be knocked back, with both being affected by the speed of the attacking car.

Pick your battle against the human or dinosaur team and have the chance to play as either, each with their own special abilities to help the team.

The perfect mix of easy, fun and fast-paced action, unleash your inner dinosaur and take control of the deadliest predators the world has ever known."It's talking about serial killers and the killing of racist people and the killing of pedophiles, and somehow the bottom line is magically apparent to Juggalos." The group began to outline this world on 1992's , the debut LP that introduced them to Detroit's underground rap community.By the time they brought the series to a shocking (even by their standards) close, Insane Clown Posse had become notorious around the country.With specialized human classes, survive the island as one of five distinct human classes.Have the chance to play in a team mode with up to 12 players and beat the dinosaurs or humans to make them extinct!It’s refreshing to see the two working together, with the clothesline of the midseason premiere serving as a mere appetizer for this episode, and even enjoying some levity.