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The retired Navy big shot is just one of the surprise guest-stars who’ll show up during the eventful season-ender, which airs Tuesday, May 14 (8/7c).

“Our NCIS team may never be the same again,” Glasberg adds.

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Born on September 2, 1951, in Burbank, California, actor Thomas Mark Harmon faced some challenges growing up.His father, Tom Harmon, worked as a sports broadcaster.It was a rough time, we lived in a boarding house, I worked in a belt factory, trying to make a go with the band. It was a rough go, it was fun, but it just looked like it was going to be a nightmare. In the end, it wound up being the right thing."Q: Would you ever consider doing an appearance as Harm on NCIS? I miss the comradery of my buddies and going in everyday. We've been together twice as long as you were with your high school friends."Q: Any future plans for a JAG reunion movie?David: "No, never."Q: What do you miss most about working on JAG? David: "I haven't heard of any, I can't see that happening."Q: Tell me about your new role on Close to Home. A., I'm running the District Attorney's office.Enter Chegwidden, now retired from the Navy, who will step away from his powerful D. RELATED | Complete Season Finale Calendar: What’s Ending When?

Since leaving JAG in 2004, Jackson has guest-starred on series including Bones, Private Practice, CSI, Castle and Perception.

It's a different kind of a character, he's from Manhatten, he's a pretty fast moving, high-paced guy with political aspirations.

JAG (the American Military acronym for Judge Advocate General) is an American adventure and legal drama television show with a distinct U. The first season was co-produced with NBC Productions.

RELATED | CBS Season Finale Spoilers — and More “We needed a lawyer, a really good lawyer, to assist Gibbs and the team in the finale,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TVLine exclusively. He was in charge during the Season 8 episodes that introduced Mark Harmon’s Gibbs and served as NCIS‘ planted pilot.

Jackson will reprise his role of Judge Advocate General A. Chegwidden in the JAG spin-off’s 10th season finale, which finds a federal witch hunt threatening the future of Gibbs’ gang. Glasberg calls the outing a “nail-biter which will hopefully leave fans stunned all summer long.” Fans of JAG will remember Chegwidden as Mac and Harm’s boss – and sometime father figure – whose gruff demeanor belied a deep devotion to his team.

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