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while most of his old Yankees teammates were at Yankee Stadium honoring Derek Jeter.A-Rod and J Lo stepped out Sunday evening heading to Nobu. His rep says he spent the morning with family, including Mom. Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Al Pacino, Derek Jeter, Jerry Seinfeld and Gisele Bündchen are among the superstars a click away from collecting cash they’re entitled...

In the story, author Wright Thompson writes about Woods, now 40, soliciting advice at the time."One night he went to a club in New York with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan," Thompson writes."Jeter and Jordan circulated, talking with ease to one beautiful woman after another.Their hope, she added, is that their kids’ lives will be “as ‘normal’ as possible.They’re going to be born into such an extraordinary situation.In fact, Jeter really only dates gorgeous girls, and at the age of 38, he's got a resum better than the most debonair Hollywood bachelors.

Exactly where does he rate among the Leo Di Caprios, Warren Beattys, and Wilmer Valderramas of the world?After all, Derek Jeter is well known for spreading herpes, apart from his other exploits. Many people happen to have Herpes, since sex is not the only way that it is spread. His wife, Hannah Davis, revealed in a sweet blog post to Jeter’s website, The Players’ Tribune, on Monday, February 13, that she and the former Yankees star are expecting their first child together — a baby girl!Similarly, she said, she didn’t realize just how momentous certain things in their life were until she realized she was pregnant.“Big moments also have a funny way of making you look ahead,” she wrote.Word has it though that this captain may have spread herpes all over the place to a good number of people.