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The Renowned iconic game makes it to the Mobile phone, giving hours of entertainment.The version comes with updated graphics and names and brings back the nitty gritty game mechanics of the original.Dark Cavern (A2600) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. NOTE: A java emulator is what allows you to play these games on the website." title="" on Click="Element By Id('Search More Games').style.display='block';" onfocus="this.blur()" href="javascript:windowpopup('Game','id=3980&emulator=JStella Java Emulator',1000,595);" Games work best in the RGR Plugin.You start in the middle of the world with access to one town and one dungeon but slowly as you advance in the game you'll be able to visit more towns and more dungeons as they are unlocked via the things you do and the quests you complete; such as by defeating a boss monster or completing a task.

Towns are generally where your character will head to buy equipment and spells, heal up, deal with most npcs concerning quests, and generally walk around unhindered by monsters.

After doing the game over event in Granaldo Cave, I can no longer fly to anywhere except Granaldo City Edit: Nevermind, that was because I was in East Suden.

Silly me ignore this How do you remove party members?

It seems I need to use servlet and apache tomcat for the server side to make this work.

Can anyone confirm that I need to use servlet and apache tomcat to achieve this?

They can add their friends to their contacts list and when there are 4 players online they can begin a game by one of the players hosting the game.