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Post them up on Facebook and You Tube easily using the one-click uploading feature from the free and user-friendly Live! Not so much people familiar with the beauty of this African country. Colorful underwater world, tons of fun, kind people and borderless deserts attracting tourists all the year.

Charles Solomon: Well, animation has a special power to transcend cultural boundaries and is therefore an extreme way of communicating.

I've done work with Unicef which has used animation to deal with children's needs.

We've learned that animation can cross cultural boundaries in a way that live action can not.

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These soft Mediterranean and Red sea beaches, pyramids, sphinx – precious of the world and Egypt. Egypt is a successor of one of the most powerful civilization ever been in the world, which history is counted with centuries.

Thanks to the Insecam project each tourist may visit Egypt in absentia.

With animation there's always beautiful artwork that doesn't make it to the screen.

I wanted to show that because I was very impressed with the artist's work. Solomon: Is it reasonable to ask you a question the value of animation? Chat Participant: Well..there is much criticism of the media, defined as mass or what not...

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