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Expert Chat differs from the traditional ticket-based support in that the waiting time for customers is eliminated.

Instead of filing an incident, customers can instantly start an Expert Chat.

This real-time interaction with SAP’s support organization creates a faster and more direct route to issue resolution, which improves customer satisfaction while reducing project and operational costs.

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You will be in good hands of our two guides that will show you the best runs while taking care of avalanche safety. Emil Milev, Secretary General have recently received two prestigious international awards: the award “Best Organization” and “Best Manager of the Year” of the E ...Take an exotic adventure of backcountry skiing and snowboarding on Sharplanina (Srar mountain), Macedonia.If you like powder, off piste, riding trees, couloirs, cliffs, wide open or steep terrains you'll be at the right spot! Our specially designed snow grooming machine with passenger cabin will take you mountain peaks of up to 2600 m where from you can choose your lines through deep snow.Restrictions on traffic for heavy goods vehicles are active on road ...

Read more As of Monday 16 January 2017, a vignette will be mandatory to drive in Paris.

What makes GSI Translations different from many other translation companies is the leading edge technology we use to assist us in producing highly accurate translations.

All GSI Project Managers are certified to Advanced level in Trados 2015 and have experience with other Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. It is a highly sophisticated translation software that helps you, as a translation client, in a great way.

Plakart in partnership with Viber officially launched its Viber Public Chat.

We are glad we could be first globally partner in the field of design festivals to start a Public Chat. We deeply think that Viber is the next “big thing”.

TRADOS is the translation industry ‘standard’ for CAT tools.