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Ongoing crackdowns on users have increased self-censorship on social media and online news outlets, of which the most prominent are government-owned.Numerous websites are blocked and search results are filtered in order to prevent access to local and international voices that differ from the state line, particularly on political, religious, and sexual matters.

There will be hundred of thousands of people today in the famously civilised city of Cologne, who will be in a state of shock about a similar “cultural misunderstanding”.Twenty-three-year-old Waleed uses the Internet to catch up on the news, check the latest football scores and also meet women. Three such cyber exchanges in fact led to face-to-face meetings.The popularity of the Internet and other digital technologies is on the rise in Egypt, causing some critics to question whether the digital revolution will lead to a sexual revolution in the traditionally conservative Egyptian society., is convinced that there is indeed a connection between the use of cyber technology, infidelity and the rate of divorce in Egypt.“Of course, of course, they are all related,” said Lofti, pointing out though that there are still no official statistics to support this correlation.Fuelled by alcohol, the cadets roamed the picturesque streets looking for victims. The Libyans exposed themselves, grabbed the women, and put their hands up their skirts.

A young guy, who was inebriated after a wedding party, was seized by two of the cadets, Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila, and raped.

The uniformed male said he was sorry, but the Libyans didn’t realise that you weren’t allowed to do such things in England.

It was an unfortunate case of cultural misunderstanding.

Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general appointed by Trump to run the sprawling DHS, is making his first visit.

Ayad said the clampdown on travel is violating civil rights, but also hurting America's economy by deterring trade, business, and commercial flows.

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