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Goode says the key to all of these hotels is the right social component — an exclusive bar, club or restaurant built-in — along with a sense of decadence.

“People in hotels want to be mischievous,” he says.

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As for the blow-up doll, she found a new home: The staff cleaned her up, outfitted her in a housekeeper’s uniform and propped her up in a storage closet on the 10th floor.

“This is the same customer that doesn’t want to eat at a chain restaurant,” says Eric Goode, a night-life impresario (Area, B Bar) turned hotelier (the Maritime, the Bowery).

“You have to walk a fine line.” In fact, Tomsky says, the night-life and hotel industries have much in common: absurd markups, an emphasis on snob appeal versus service, and stressed staffers who end up hooked on drugs and booze.

“I’ve worked longer shifts than you can imagine,” he says.Our text chat allows you to share with your friends by sending emojis , sharing videos, sharing pictures etc.BLOWING THEIR COVER: Former hotel staffer Jacob Tomsky reveals all the crude, impish and downright scandalous behaviors of hotel guests — and employees — in his new memoir, “Heads in Beds.” (David Rosenzweig; Prop Stylist: Rebecca Donnelly for BA-REPS; Model: Ingrid/Wilhelmina; Hair & Makeup: Lindsey Williams at ARTISTS by Timothy Priano; Location: Sanctuary Hotel) — “The Shining” by Stephen King The most memorable guest Jacob Tomsky ever came across in his 10 years at a three-star hotel in the city was an older man who checked in week after week, came and went, and never spoke. Hockstein,” as Tomsky calls him, also carried hardly any luggage — not typical of their usual upscale clientele — and had his weekly bill faxed to his secretary, who always paid promptly. He went up to his room, then came back down to the lobby, ready to speak for the first time in years. “Well, sir,” Tomsky said, “perhaps the housekeeper assumed you had departed and was attempting to save you from accruing tonight’s unneeded room and tax.” This did not please Hockstein, who was unaware of the two male staffers across the lobby miming a sex act that involved an umbrella. Which, by the way, wasn’t as upscale as it looked — the finishings and materials were cheap, with shower handles often breaking off in guests’ hands. Even the staff’s uniforms were tearing after just a month of wear. He’s seen it all, and his book is meant to be to hotels what “Kitchen Confidential” was to the restaurant industry: a sometimes gross, often hilarious exposé of unethical practices combined with sympathetic tips for you, the poor, hapless consumer.i love being at teen chat is gives us a place to hangout and u meet great people with fun things in common it is the place to be if u love chatting with people.u can also go on this chat site from any were in the world. Its full of young moms and soon to be moms that are supportive of others.I've made some great friends in here and I love them all.I've met so many people and soo many hot guys and girls ...