Consolidating multiple sap instances

It is just a matter of time until a decision is made to migrate from an older version of Share Point or even from a different enterprise content management (EMC) to the latest version of Share Point. Features Cleanse, categorize, manage and migrate content automatically to any location including enterprise content platforms such as Microsoft Share Point. Organisations require migration tools to fully manage the process of migration in an accurate, timely and audited manner.The following third-party solutions will help Share Point Administrators to migrate or consolidate content. Features As with mailbox migrations, Migration Wiz enables companies to move from an older version of Share Point to Share Point Online, skipping the traditional upgrade path that would otherwise be required.

Also, enjoy the freedom to choose which documents you need to move to cloud, allowing you to prioritize your most important files.Features Reliable migration of documents from your old ECMS to Share Point 2013, Share Point Online / Office 365 From any SQL Server based ECMS (EDRMS, DMS, CMS) with files stored on a network drive or share.ECMSs like DOCs Open, Worksite, File Net, Hummingbird DM6, etc.Features Eliminate the risks of downtime and data loss with Migration Suite for Share Point.These systems are configured for disaster recovery purposes.

If the primary database fails, the standby database is activated to act as the new primary database.

SQL Server 2012 is designed to run on a wide range of computer systems—from laptop and desktop systems to supercomputer class systems—so its minimum hardware requirements are surprising low.

The minimum processing requirement is a 1.0GHz CPU for a 32-bit x86 implementation and a 1.4GHz CPU for a 64-bit x64 implementation.

The Oracle Store web site has complete MSRP prices for Oracle database licenses.

As of August 2005, Oracle has two pricing models, "named user plus" and "processor".

The majority of businesses will deploy SQL Server 2012 by upgrading existing instances of SQL Server.