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This hard-won advice is intended only for those couples who are truly considering entering into a cross-cultural marital situation.Simply marrying someone whose ancestry is different from your own is not quite the same thing.

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That’s why, unlike other international dating services and apps, we take the time to really get to know you and find out what you’re looking for in a partner.We’ll help you to meet international singles who are open to dating someone from a different country, culture, race or religion, and who also shares your core values – the really important stuff that goes beyond your background.You may also find that this advice is strongly biased toward the male point of view.That should not be too surprising, since I have lived all my life as a male and I have little experience looking at the situation from the other side.Who you are, and the things that make you similar or different from one another, are the cornerstones of every relationship.

Removing them from the equation is like removing a limb – so don’t do it!

Navigating your way through the dating world can be tricky at the best of times, but add in the notion of multiple cultures, faiths and nationalities, and things can soon become a little overwhelming, says the Imposter Those of you who know me from my blog will know that I’m a big fan of interfaith and cross-cultural relationships and frequently write about my own ‘Mooish’ life with my husband, Bob.

I’m often contacted by couples asking for advice on how to navigate their way through their own ‘Chrislim’, ‘Cathew’ and ‘Jewslim/Mooish’ relationships so, with this in mind, I thought I’d offer some advice that I’ve found helpful along the way: It seems rather obvious, but we’ve all fallen prey to this sentiment at one time or another.

Character, kindness, humour and family goals are just a few of the dimensions that e Harmony takes into consideration, while our setting options allow you to filter by ethnicity, language, religion and location.

Whether you’re looking to date someone who lives within 30 or 3000 miles of you, e Harmony can help you find someone special.

If you’re interested in dating someone from a different country, race or culture, then e Harmony is the perfect place to start.