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Please note that this article is not an exhaustive list of all settings that can be configured by user admins or i CIMS Technical Support; rather, it highlights some of the most commonly requested changes.

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As one of the first steps in this journey, our customers are upgrading to the Current Branch of Config Mgr, and by doing so, they are starting to gain some benefits such as lower costs, simplified management, and better experience for both users and IT Pros.

at how Australian Government Department of Human Services went through this journey.

The deployer is a Splunk Enterprise instance that you use to distribute apps and certain other configuration updates to search head cluster members.

The set of updates that the deployer distributes is called the configuration bundle.

Each section contains a labelled image of a Career Portal and information about whether a user admin can update a given setting, or whether i CIMS Technial Support is required to make a change.

As mentioned above, this information is not comprehensive, but highlights only the most commonly requested changes.

The deployer distributes the configuration bundle in response to your command.

The deployer also distributes the bundle when a member joins or rejoins the cluster.

As your maturity grows, then you can begin to add more Configuration Items and relationships – but only if they’re important.

When adding Configuration Items, don’t just think about technology related things; also consider the people, locations, services, documentation, hardware and software that make your organization run.

The tips in this section will help you get started with building up and managing your database.