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While she was equally impressed with my wiry yet masculine 5-7 137 pound physique that she said had and understated yet powerful appearance to it.

It started off fine, we met at the gym and she complimented me on having the best butt shes ever seen while doing air squats in the corner.I surely couldn't fault her there since I was wearing spandex shorts so tight you could see the veins on my penis, no mortal women could resist that.I didn't learn much — except don't ever look over a woman's shoulder while she's on a date — so I amused myself by developing my theory that always people dated up or down, from one genetic platform to another.It was my own bar game, to figure out how far off the two people were before they themselves even knew.Everyone admires a person with a good looking body regardless of whether it is a man or woman.

Most men really admire women with well shaped bodies.

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My mom was already a sleep so we had the first floor and the basement all to our selves.

I broke out the box of wine and we got a little more comfortable with each other, I told her I admired the hard work and dedication she had to achieve that well toned and muscular 5-10 205 pound frame.

Everything was going great, we were together for 2 weeks and I really thought she may have been the one, but that was until yesterday.