Dating and nice guys

I always heard that “nice guys finish last,” and that in order to be attractive, you needed to act like a jerk because — supposedly — women secretly love men who mistreat them (even if they tell you otherwise). They’re really saying that their “niceness” entitles them to a woman.

That way she won’t think you’re needy and she’ll start to miss you. I could never intentionally hurt someone else, and I was afraid that I would have to behave that way if I wanted to find love. If someone calls themselves “nice,” you ought to take that with a grain of salt.

But always be flexible, in case your date hates Chinese food, for example, or she just told you her favorite musical group is in town, tonight only.

Ugh that was harsh, but you're never gonna win nice guys. Back when I was first looking for love, I often heard a lot of dating advice that made me feel uncomfortable. What does it really mean when a man calls himself a “nice guy”?Of course, an overly romantic gesture on a first, second, or even third date would come off as creepy—no argument there.But why, then, when a man simply says I like you, does his girl become less attracted to him?#1 A nice guy is someone who is looking for a relationship.

Nice guys are less likely to engage in temporary trysts, because they are aware of the consequences that a woman will face because of it.

Instead of turning into an asshole just to sate the borderline tendencies of many attractive women, try being patient and see where the wind blows. You just have to adjust the level of your affections, because it’s the SMART thing to do. Before anything else, let us explain to you what a nice guy is.

This way, you can understand why they act that way and why it’s not such a bad thing.

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