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Street lit looks at the lives of people living in lower-income city neighborhoods.The stories present realistic characters in realistic environments, often focusing on the characters' everyday lives and their relationships with other characters and their urban environment.

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The characters struggle to survive in the 19th century world of poverty and violence. The street is the thing to be conquered, to fight against, to overcome by any means necessary.In street literature, the street itself (also called "the 'hood") is the challenge and the source of problems and drama.Street lit set in New Orleans will differ greatly from that based in Tokyo, but they will have similar issues.Genre: Hip Hop / Funk / Boogie „Fridays with Jakarta“ is back with a Live & Special Edition in July. Q: Why do only 10 percent of men make it to heaven?

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The term "urban fiction" is used more often than most of the names for these kinds of books, but this guide and other reference sources will use the name "street lit" because it includes fiction and nonfiction.

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