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Today guests are typically involved in events before and after the wedding, including sometimes a short party before the wedding celebration with snacks and drinks.

An old Dutch wedding tradition was to eat (traditional sweetmeat, known as 'bridal sugar') and drink spiced wine – sometimes called 'bridal tears' – at the bride's house; today these are some foods of old Dutch wedding traditions that you'll see in ceremonies, alongside a number of other sweets and heavy dishes.

A principal motive was a wish to practice Protestant Christianity, then forbidden under Spanish rule, and so religious tolerance was effectively an important constitutional element of the newly independent state.

This guide explains the conditions for getting married in the Netherlands and what you need to arrange to ensure a smooth Dutch wedding, plus details on historical and modern Dutch wedding traditions – did you know the bridal shower was originally a Dutch wedding tradition?The most notable of Dutch wedding traditions to have spread around the world is the bridal shower.Reportedly the tradition of throwing a bridal shower comes from historical Dutch wedding traditions, when if a father disapproved of a wedding and refused to pay the much-needed dowry, friends would instead gather gifts the bride would need in her married life and help prepare the wedding to go forward.In traditional Dutch wedding traditions, pines or evergreens were associated with 'eternal love' and would sometimes be used in wedding or party decorations, typically with the couple sitting together under a canopy of leaves while guests wished them happiness.With a population density of 412 people per km – 507 (January 2017) if water is excluded – the Netherlands is classified as a very densely populated country.

Only Bangladesh, South Korea, and Taiwan have both a larger population and higher population density.

Most history of the Jews in the Netherlands was generated between the end of the 16th century and World War II.

The area now known as the Netherlands was once part of the Spanish Empire but in 1581, the northern Dutch provinces declared independence.

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