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Once a year, Konoha's kunoichi are put through a terrible trial!They have to randomly date many of their fellow shinobi. Sakura burst into laughs, looking at her victoriously."I thought you hated bugs, Ino-chan.""Not as much as I hate you." Ino promptly replied. Why did Hinata have to end up with Sasuke-kun anyway?But the girl that gets the most votes is named "most desirable" and gets a lifetime supply of kunai and shuriken. N/A: I think this is my first shot at Naruto comedy :) Thanks to everyone who wrote such wonderful, funny stories to inspire me! " Hinata blushed severely, looking at the bowl in front of her. "Hinata closed her eyes, sticking her hand into the bowl. ""What I wouldn't give to date Sasuke-kun…" Sakura followed her own train of thought. "Sakura, if you please."Now that Sasuke's name had been drawn from the bowl, Ino had no worries. The arrogant genius wouldn't give Sakura a second look and one of the most troublesome boys had been eliminated. She placed her hand inside the bowl, moving her fingers through the thin pieces of paper, until she finally grabbed one."Oh, give me a break! Tenten, who the last to draw, approached the bowl with little interest."Akimichi Choji." she spoke in an even tone."Now girls, we shall inform the boys in question. " Tsunade said."I'm afraid that's impossible for some…" Ino spoke aloud, glancing towards Sakura."You should talk, piggy! " Tsunade's voice thundered and the kunoichi rushed OOoooo She sighed, settling for a black, V cropped dress. In the comfort of her room, Hinata opened the closet.

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Even though the following festivals are meant primarily for Sapphic Sisters in the US, open-minded women of all persuasions are welcome to attend.

TIP: Lesbian Personals is a very large lesbian dating website that has members primarily from North America and Europe.

Pride parades and festivals are a great way to celebrate your sexual choice.

Apart from raising awareness about your right to love who you want, it also offers men and women from the LGBT community a wonderful opportunity to interact, socialize and generally have a good time.Jason can also be heard on Fox Sports Radio, Saturday mornings from 6-9 am EST. VISIT OUR STORE FOR MJF60 MERCHANDISE The MJF60 poster for 2017 was created by designer and illustrator Jeff Rogers who works out of his studio (The Pencil Factory) in Brooklyn, New York.Attendees can also take back festival memorabilia and shop for lovely handicrafts made by lesbian artists.And even when the main festivities are over, don’t forget to explore the Arena District of Columbus which houses the Wall Street, one of the most popular lesbian bars in the entire country.Electronic dance music always brings good vibes whenever it's played.