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Winters are long and cars get stuck in the road, but ladies from the cheese state know how to roll with the punches. women who have been bucked off angry horses and managed to walk away in one piece. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone from Wisconsin grew up on a dairy farm.

The county’s Assistant District Attorney, Michael Zell, said charges weren’t brought earlier because of understaffing and lack of time to study the case, the Sentinel writes.When you speak about sex in prison a few images come to mind.Kansas"Intercourse or sodomy" with someone other than your spouse is a Class C misdemeanor here, punishable by up to a month in jail and a fine of up to 0.Remember, Kansas couples: There's no place like home.4.It is the first independent review of sex of behind bars and they found that female prisoners have been coerced into sex with staff for favours, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

As a former prison officer that has worked in both a male and female prison I have a few views on this report.

We can make fires, fish, camp, and kill scary bugs like a champ.

If Wisconsin had to send a delegate to the Hunger Games I think we’d do pretty well. Everyone has that friend, especially one you know from way back, that gets together with you and acts like a jerkbag.

A misdemeanor charge has been leveled against a 57-year-old Wisconsin woman who prosecutors say let a horse starve to death. Bowden, of Babcock, Wis., is suspected of letting her horse, Roy, die of starvation. arrested The request for charges came from Wood County Humane Officer Nanci Olson, who filed them with the county’s District Attorney’s Office on Oct. Olson’s request included a felony charge of mistreatment of an animal causing death — which carries the ,000 fine and a maximum prison sentence of three-and-a-half-years.

The charges come over three months after the animal’s death. “Roy” was found on State 80 in Wisconsin in the middle of the night on Sept. Once retrieved by the owner, the horse was voluntarily given up to the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, the Journal Sentinel writes.

Unless you are a fan of Orange is the New Black or the updated version of Prisoner Cell Block H – Wentworth then female inmates may not immediately spring to mind.