Dating media buys

Each day, dozens of publishers are knocking on your door — vying for your attention and competing for your clients’ business.

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The first meeting can result in the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or can fall short and leave no room for a second date.

Most of us know within the first 15 minutes of a first date whether the person at the opposite end of the table has potential or not.

What I learned after 4 months of media buying – Part #1 FOREWORD: Since I don’t have my own product. SO YOU KNOW: I tried dating, 1 click conversion offers, SMS confirmation offers, content billing offers, and app installs. I did one thing right from the get go, I approached this whole thing as a business.

What you will read here is the real truth as I have no other motives other than to make new like minded friends in the AM space and EXCUSE ME… Because it really is, you need cash flow, you need to set goals, you need supplies and you have recurring expenses – all that a business has.

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It's time to create the perfect bait to attract the perfect candidate.

Are you single but don't have the time or patience to meet people the traditional way?

Take this super fun course and learn how you can maximize your chances of finding the best possible partner within just 60 days. In this course Miguel will teach you all the details of his unique and super effective approach to online dating so you can too finally find the perfect partner. Like many busy professionals he did not have the time or patience to go out and meet girls the traditonal way so he tried dating online. Everything you'll learn in this course is based on a real life experiment Miguel conducted in 2008 and ended up with him finding his true love and marrying her a year later. Our strategy begins with creating separate accounts on 3 different reputable dating sites.

Following some of the traditional stages of dating, this article explores how media planners can select the right partners for the brands they represent.

The First Date: A Lot Can Happen in 15 minutes Everyone is a little nervous on the first date.

If you've ever gone fishing for a mate online, you know that is like the Mc Donald's of online dating sites. And now that [and Ok Cupid are] converging on one another in a hot, sticky mess of online dating site co-promotion ...