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Thanks a lot Kilian dijkstra, Limburg Choosing a content management system (CMS) can be a difficult job for your website if you have not much idea about the features & drawbacks of different CMS available in the market.

If you are facing situation like this, we would recommend you XOOPS CMS.

Dolphin is perhaps the most popular open source commercial social media application in the market today.Dolphin’s success is due to its development company’s long experience with creating social media applications.Pligg is a PHP-based content management system designed around the idea that everyone on a website should be an author.Whereas most CMS's rely on the idea that only a few people are authors - creating restrictive profiles for each of them - Pligg's power comes from this approach which, by its very nature, is social.I recommend for his ability to work independently, reliability and his unique enthusiasm to provide quality of works at affordable rates.

If you want to see of your imaginations on web then go for it.

Buddy Press is the social network platform version of Word Press.

As you can guess Word Press is one of the most popular CMS’s available due to its quality, same goes for Buddy Press, this is one of the most widely used platforms.

Top 5 Open Source Social Networking Software Deploying your own uniquely branded social media tool with open source software could be a good choice especially if you plan to differentiate your product through custom development built on top of the open source tools.

There are many open source social networking toolsets available and it can sometimes become quite overwhelming and cumbersome even to find out which one best suits your organization's requirements.

Building a social network isn’t an easy task, let alone a successful one.