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Fantasy, paradoxically, is a potent method to create normalisation of Muslim women in the ordinary mainstream.

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The woman's bold action got the entire city talking after she was captured on lens by passers-by walking down the street while defying the dress code.A local journalist saw the woman and could not believe his eyes.The scarf or hijab that Muslim women wear on their heads is making headlines around the world.Hijab is banned in French public schools and other European countries have adopted, or are drafting similar legislation.In Australia, a radio presenter triggered both debate and outrage when he called for the face veil (niqab) to be banned from banks and post offices.

Even predominantly Muslim countries such as Turkey and Tunisia ban the hijab in certain government buildings.

Kamala Khan will create waves not just for teenagers though.

Her very existence will enable readers to see past the 'Muslim' tag, into a powerful and flawed multifaceted human being.

Khan can grow and shrink her limbs and her body and ultimately, she'll be able to shape shift into other forms.

As a teenager, I wish I could have seen depictions of struggling with identity, religion and adolescence that reflected my own, and in a way that made me believe I could be powerful rather than confused, marginalised and abnormal.

Opinions aside, what I find interesting is France's stance on religious freedom versus the United States.