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So there I was (Sevarog) chasing down the enemy Khaimera.He hopped merrily along to the safety of his tower.

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The # 5081 1/2 C is designated as a mining transit, and it is specially designed to accept a secondary scope that mounts either to the top of the main scope or to the outboard side as shown in the pics.Mining transits with these secondary scopes are very unusual and hard to come by.We do not buy, sell, or deal in most later treadle sewing machines.We never buy sell or deal in electric sewing machines by any maker that are in pieces of furniture.The horizontal limb is 5 1/2" and graduated to half degrees. The 4 1/2" vertical circle is graduated on silver and also reads to a minute. It is designed to mount either to the top of the scope or just outside the standards on the side.

It has double vernier windows set to 30 degrees that read to a minute. Mining transits were used in situations where the operator had to shoot down vertical shafts or odd angles and the horizontal plate would interfere.

This mining transits serial # is 133021 indicating it was made in the 50's. It shows little signs of use and just a few minor box scuffs at high points to the finish. The fitted box is nice as well, and set up to accept the auxiliary scope and weight you see.

The main scope is 10" long and has a 20 power magnification.

The Potions help to provide you with much-needed sustain to both deal and survive damage and farm minions to the mid-game point.

Purchasing a Wellspring Staff will help in providing more mana for you to cast abilities from as well as some damage to help with last hitting.

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