Dating someone with opposite political views

Perhaps if you and your partner aren’t very political.

But then you have couples like Mary Matalin and James Carville, a Republican political consultant and a Democratic political consultant, respectively.

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I was about 15 minutes into a date with a woman I met on Ok Cupid when she boasted that in 2008 she’d voted for John Mc Cain. Neil Malhotra, a political economist at Stanford Business School, says he became curious about the question as he watched partisan polarization increase over the past several years. She wanted me to know it was a badge of honor for her. It’s always seemed a decent guess that we let political affiliations influence our attraction to a potential valentine. A recent study demonstrates that having similar political beliefs makes us more likely to be interested in a person when we view his or her online dating profile.Dating trends in the 21st century have changed the way Millennials view love.Relationships are formulaic and calculated based on compatibility algorithms.However, if you or your partner do have strong political beliefs, maintaining a relationship can be difficult.

“There better be a LOT OF LOVE to get over ideological divides,” Dr. Remember, this is typically the case for those on extreme opposite ends of the political spectrum and only if both partners place a strong importance on politics.

As more people broadcast their political views, it's a lot easier to identify like-minded friends.

Romantically, research shows people tend to choose partners with shared political views, and rate profiles that boast political similarities as more attractive.

He kept hearing friends say they would never date someone from across the aisle.

One woman ended a relationship that was going well after she discovered the guy was a conservative.

Casting a vote for a Republican is by no means a date deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. It changed the background music playing behind her monologues.