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You can’t go on dating them both forever, before marrying them both, having kids with them both, taking vacations with them both et cetera. Perhaps one has a great personality while the other looks exactly like a young Johnny Depp.

Rather, you need to decide who you see yourself being with in the long-term and who you do not. It’s a confusing time for you right now, and you’re also probably a little bit afraid of upsetting one of them.

Meeting guys has never been easier thanks to dating sites like, and phone apps like Tinder. Let him ask you out, says author and relationship expert April Masini. They like to chase, conquer and win." On the other hand, if you take the lead you'll stand out from other women, says Patt. "Your wretched love life, excessive behavior like getting drunk, how much you want a baby, or how much money you do or don’t have," says Tessina. "It’s a great idea if you never want to see each other again," says Tessina.

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Your initial dates are not the time to talk about your past relationships unless your date specifically asks you to; even then, answer briefly and never appear that you and your ex have unresolved issue, anger, resentment or any other negative 'leftovers'.More importantly, if you have unresolved issues from the past you probably should not be dating yet anyway (it's always a good idea to talk through them with a good therapist or counsellor).Whilst it's important to listen and empathize with your date, don't become a 'yes, whatever you say/whatever you want' type of person; if you do, any emotionally healthy individual will think that you are either a 'fake' or you just have no identity, both a real turn off; you could also appear to be trying to please too much (therefore 'desperate', as explained above) or to have no 'intelligence'.Of course, whilst you express your own opinions and thoughts you must make sure you do so respectfully and with empathy.RSVP has a safe mailing system for members so that you don't have to swap personal email addresses or phone numbers until you are ready.

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What greater benefit can come from studying Torah than finding your soulmate and establishing a Jewish home!

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