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Two years ago, Vicki was determined to prove that her man had cancer, and she was doing everything she could to help him out.

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Apparently, this isn’t Slade and Gretchen’s first issue with Jay as the couple has been battling him in court for years.

Court documents show that Gretchen has accused Jay as being a friend turned stalker, who leaked naked photos of her online, threatened her with violence, spread false rumors about her, and cost her a spot on RHOC and a 0,000 a year income.

Seriously – it’s like Vicki blew all her Love Tank good luck with Donn, and since then it has been dud after dud. Wouldn’t that be a fun storyline for Real Housewives Of Orange County?! Anyway, Steve, a former police officer turned city government consultant, had a disastrous attempt at running for city councilman in 2012.

Oh, and if you think he merely retired from the police force, news sources tell a different story.

It’d be a bad choice.” However when Steve began running for city council he attempted to secure the Hispanic vote by billing himself as Steve “Chavez” Lodge and was subsequently sued by a blogger claiming he fraudulently used the name.

"Prior to filming Season 10 (which began in December 2014), I was given the unfortunate news of my cancer diagnosis," Ayers told ET in a statement on Thursday.

The 54-year-old reality TV star noticed huge discrepancies in the books of her insurance brokerage, Coto Financial, and suspected an employee was responsible, according to TMZ.

She went to the police after gathering evidence that the money had been embezzled.

A jury awarded Gretchen 3,000 in damages but Jay filed bankruptcy in an attempt to get the judgment thrown out.

However, Gretchen refuses to let him off the hook and the two are battling it out in court again.

Of course, Gunvalson herself has moved on, as she has been linked to another man.