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When the song written by Drake in 2012 for Rihanna's album was rejected by Rihanna, Rita Ora had a lucky break.

The public is divided into two groups based on their beliefs on this duo, who also made a duet together: one group is convinced that they had something bigger going on; and the other believes this was not the case.

Dollicia quickly shot down the whisperings via Twitter on Tuesday morning.

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Ever hear that you can connect two seemingly unrelated people by linking their relationships with six others?It's true, and these 15 pairs of celebs - everyone from Harry Styles and Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus and Tyga - are somehow connected through a series of romances, friendships, hookups, and more, according to this web generator. Neither of them has ever confirmed being together, but the majority believes that they were once an item.Drake showed that he would be seen in media often not only because of his music, but also his personal life; with his relationship in 2010 with the American actress, Taraji P. The fact that Drake closely followed the matches of the 34-year old legendary tennis player, Serena Williams during the American Open and their intimate poses naturally brought out gossip about them being together.Drake song, the world’s famous rapper recently sparked relationship rumors with another icon Jennifer Lopez. Take a look at Drake’s interesting dating history, and girlfriends over the years…A lot of feels has been said in the Keshia Chante had known Drake since her younger days.

They probably had intense memories together from the year 2000 to 2002, proved by Drake writing a song for her.There was even a rumor that Serena was carrying Drake's baby, but it was falsified later on.But there is still not much doubt about them once having a romance.Beyonce has been photographed at basketball games drooling over James, as has one of Jay Z's mistresses, singer Rihanna.Jay Z did what this tweet from over a year ago stated in making a response album to his wife's release about his cheating People on social networking are also slamming Beyonce for mating with Jay Z, complaining their daughter Blue Ivy "looks ugly" like him.Dollicia Bryan is a model and actress and apparently Rob Kardashian's new lady love. She also tweeted some impressive shots of her hard body. Rob, by the way, is getting ready for his dance floor debut on this season. it was actually one of our first dinners, unfortunately."Check out the Dollicia Bryan pics here: (Select One) 2010 Winter Olympics Wet & Wild Ads 2010 Oscars Zad1 Zad2 2010 World Cup Teams Awards Golden Globes 2011 Academy Awards 2011 Grammys 2011 New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Oscars 2011 Oscars Style 2011 Guest Editor Louise Roe Guest Editor Debby Ryan Guest Editor Camila Alves Guest Editor Taraji P.