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In this staged photo, an Egyptian woman is sexually harassed as a bystander — his mouth taped shut — looks on, posted on March 24, 2017.A new anti-harassment campaign in Egypt encourages bystanders to speak out against harassment.

The Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation filed a petition for relief on Saturday with the UN's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, citing the violation of Hussein's basic rights and challenging the unsubstantiated preliminary charges levied against him.

READ MORE: Mahmoud Hussein - Freedom of expression is valuable Al Jazeera rejects the charges against Hussein and calls on Egypt to release him immediately."Al Jazeera deems all accusations against Hussein, including those which might be added later to the current allegations, to be a result of practices which violate international norms and conventions, and which, unfortunately, prevail in Egypt as exposed by human rights organisations," the network has said in a statement.

Hussein is accused of "incitement against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos".

He was held in solitary confinement for 89 consecutive days and has been, to date, detained without formal charges for 130 days.

Five days after his arrest, Egypt's interior ministry accused him of "incitement against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos".

Last week, Egypt extended the detention of the Al Jazeera journalist by 15 days, pending further investigation.

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