Enterprise vault stops updating cache

For mailbox archives, the destination archive can be the same Enterprise Vault site, a separate site, or even a site that is located in another Enterprise Vault directory.

Journal archives may only be moved within the same site.

Re FS Support Resilient File System, which is a new file system available on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, is not supported for this release.

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Summary: Plan a Cached Exchange Mode deployment for Outlook 2013.In this article: In Outlook 2013, two new features are available with Cached Exchange Mode: Exchange Fast Access and sync slider.Exchange Fast Access combines the instant-access of Online Mode with the offline capabilities and syncing robustness of Cached Exchange Mode, specifically in scenarios when syncing data locally would take enough time to be noticed by the user (for example, initial sync, resume, or returning from vacation).NTFS is still available to run on Oracle ADVM without Oracle Grid Infrastructure support.Oracle SQL Developer Support Oracle SQL Developer that is installed with Oracle Database 12 ASMLIB Support ASMLIB is not supported.For example, archives can be moved from an Enterprise Vault 8.0SP4 environment to an Enterprise Vault 9.0 environment.