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Via telephone call from the Rocky Mountains during this year’s go-round, Hütz cites his drive and that shared on-stage emotion that has carried the band through nine studio albums and to countless countries.“The reality of it is very hard stuff, and it takes people who are generally committed to their art to do it and keep doing it and still find their way to the original vitamins of their art,” Hütz says through his thick Ukrainian accent.

To be sure, Gogol Bordello is a punk band in many ways.

Nearly an hour into Gogol Bordello’s headlining set at the 2015 Altavoz Fest in Columbia, and its mustachioed, charismatic, endlessly energetic frontman Eugene Hütz had waded into the crowd of thousands.Forty-some dates into yet another world tour — and two minutes into the band’s raucous romp “Start Wearing Purple” — Hütz and the raging ensemble behind him flung themselves across the stage tirelessly.His father also played guitar in one of Ukraine's first rock bands, Meridian.When Eugene was 14, he and his father made his first guitar of plywood, his first distortion pedals out of radio parts, and his first drum set from large metal fish cans, skinned with layers of Scotch tape.And I always wear five or six gold chains with Romany emblems on them, given to me by fellow Gypsies around the world.

I never take them off, and I’ve learned how to sleep in them, as well as my single gold hoop earring.– being 6ft 1in and slim I looked the part but I just didn’t care enough. I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a fashion designer on the side, and I do all the Gogol Bordello outfits and merchandising. I also wear Rachel Comey, as her collection was designed to fit me personally when I was her boyfriend.

We were together six years, so she knows my body well.

I’ll also buy pieces – jackets, trousers and shirts – from Tripp in New York.

However, Hütz's Roma/Ukrainian background provides his central inspiration, influencing his lifestyle and the music of his band Gogol Bordello.

Hütz's connection with his cultural roots is not without controversy, however, and he is seen as a polarizing figure among international Romani rights activists due to stereotypical displays of Romani culture.

If you have, I hope you already bought your ticket, and I'll see you there.