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Per TMZ, Franklin, 35, was outside a gym when she got into an argument with a male friend around 3 a.m. When authorities arrived, she claimed she wasn’t ready to leave and said, “These n——-s won’t leave me alone.” Authorities reportedly noticed her slurred speech and alcohol on her breath.

When asked how much she had drunk, Franklin reportedly said, “Not enough.” According to Dekalb County jail records, Franklin’s bail was set at 0.

The 35-year-old singer, who has since been released from police custody, is most known for her brief stint as a member of R&B group Destiny’s Child back in 1999.

She joined the band along with Michelle, after original members La Tavia Roberson and Le Toya Luckett departed.

Anyway, then two new members were hired before the next album hit: Michelle Williams, whose tenure lasted for the duration of the group, and Farrah Franklin, who only lasted a few months and whose dismissal effectively turned Destiny's Child into a trio.

Maybe you knew all that, maybe you didn't, but the fact still stands: Farrah Franklin has now been arrested for getting drunk and lying down in a neighbor's yard.

But if we're being real, A LOT of things about this story are kind of very hilarious. For another, Franklin was hanging out with a pair of football players who called the cops on her because she was "yelling, slamming doors and refused to stop when asked." Which, we've all been there.

Then, of course, responding officers arrived to find Franklin "lying in a neighbor’s yard" and then comes the best part: Franklin "told police she 'did not have anywhere else to go and was planning on sleeping in the woods.'" Yep, a former member of Destiny's Child got drunk and tried to go off the grid.

In 2014, Franklin was arrested in South Carolina for disorderly conduct, according to People.

A request for comment from Franklin’s team wasn’t immediately returned.

However Farrah was out of the group just six months later.

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle continued as a trio and claimed that they’d all agreed that Farrah should leave after she failed to turn up for several major appearances.

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