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The baby was taken to the hospital but made a full recovery.

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At any retailer or vending machine that sells Clipper, load the minimum dollars on a new Clipper card. Pay cash and do it at a Muni Metro vending machine in downtown San Francisco if you really don’t want to be traceable.

Then ride BART where ever you desire and you will never have to pay more than .

Bonds, as well as a variety of other fixed income securities, provide for coupon payments to be made to bond holders on a fixed schedule.

The dirty price of a bond will decrease on the days coupons are paid, resulting in a saw-tooth pattern for the bond value.

Prosecutors say the men were fighting inside the library, because the men thought the other had given him a “dirty look,” according to WJW-TV.

Library officials reportedly broke up the fight, according to a Cuyahoga County prosecutor. Once in the parking lot, the man could reportedly be seen pulling on the vehicle doors.You can make the transfer online or using a paper check.They charge no interest during a promotional period, which generally lasts from 6 to 24 months.In finance, the dirty price is the price of a bond including any interest that has accrued since issue of the most recent coupon payment.This is to be compared with the clean price, which is the price of a bond excluding the accrued interest.The father then got out of the vehicle, fired six shots at the man, and kicked and punched him.