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Any meeting place can become a video collaboration space.Logitech GROUP is as simple to use as a mobile phone and as affordable as an office chair.

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Have a look at our current features and how to install it on your system.• Driver-free for Windows XP and newer• 6-LEDs to illuminate in darkened conditions• 640 x 480 hardware resolution• Stand doubles up as monitor clip• Snapshot button• Manual focus• 1.3m length USB cable This basic webcam is ideal for the majority of PCs and Laptops.Without it, we're limited in our ability to innovate and develop new ways for people to interact.Historically, RTC has been corporate and complex, requiring expensive audio and video technologies to be licensed or developed in house.Ended up with one that was only capable of 15FPS the other 30FPS. The former suffered occasionally from corruption that manifested in bands across the picture.

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