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Gina Gershon seems to be that actress that was always on the cusp of breaking out as a Hollywood A-lister.

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Also on the outs are Kurt and Blaine, the latter of whom is now working as the coach of the Dalton Academy Warblers, following his depression-induced expulsion from NYADA.

(You can read more about Kurt and Blaine’s love life, including my personal rant against their new story line, a little further down.) Thankfully, and against all logic, the original members of New Directions — Quinn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Artie — were more than happy to drop whatever they were doing to return to Mc Kinley and help Rachel and Kurt rebuild New Directions, much to the chagrin of Principal/Dictator Sue Sylvester.

Gershon's Sasha Hassler character is the ex-girlfriend of terrorist Castro Troy (Nicolas Cage) and the brother of Dietrich Hassler (played by Nick Cassavetes), who supplies bombs to Troy.

Following one of the bloody shootouts toward the end of the movie, Dietrich is killed.

Gershon has 127 credits to her name, which include her roles as Cat Manzetti in Born on June 10, 1962, Gina Gershon’s age is 55.

Her parents are Mickey and Stan Gershon, and she has two older siblings, Dan and Tracy.HOMEWARD BOUND | Ignoring for a moment that flying to Ohio for Homecoming would be nearly impossible for several of the show’s OGs, it was great to see the ol’ gang reunited.Sam attempting to get back with Mercedes (“Are you still a virgin?Now, let’s break down the specifics of this week’s occasionally baffling premiere…KLAINE-OFSKY | Without question, the premiere’s biggest game-changer was the revelation that, not only have Kurt and Blaine called off their wedding — things got tense when they lived alone in the loft — but Blaine is now in a relationship with Karofsky. Rant alert: I’m all for temporarily splitting up Kurt and Blaine for dramatic effect, but the notion that either of them would date Karofsky after everything they went through is preposterous.His face had this look like I was insane," Gershon said. Now just imagine all of this with Gershon's head shaved: Celebrating its 20th anniversary earlier this week, "Face/Off" was a major hit, earning over 5 million worldwide .